Projecto "Clube / Promoção"

Nowadays the clubs have to have several sources of income, it is obvious that a club promotion, has several objectives.
Now we, because we are an important source of revenue for a club, we can not come out and say, boss us in football, we are the enlightened. No! We just have to create a common project.

Ours is the promotion of players, your (club) the club is to provide a higher quality level and draw together several steps in order to achieve an objective reality. Our project is a project open.

Once there is trust, because it is said, that will put a money value exacerbated, and the bottom puts up little or nothing. Still trying to take advantage of it. Our project is committed to:

- Place 6-8 players on the roster at zero cost to the club (entrepreneur athlete is responsible for compremetido during a sports season to take all your expenses from registration, travel, accommodation, food and 50% of the salary of athletes), as worth the investment? With registration, room and board. We speak to the club in a reduction of € 80,000 annual budget;

- Reduced costs of a pre-season;

- Reduction in salaries of the technical staff and the rest Staff;

- Management of the marketing department, and creating a clear marketing strategy trying to take the club name and your city at the highest European level. We speak in annual revenue in excess of € 10,000.

This will be the initial gain, not to mention the marketing gains. Increases in revenue. The total gain of the club will be € 90,000, but in the end will be € 150,000, with all the capacity to host events when working in a professional, join this sporting ability. So is a joint project, and not one or other party to send. Because we have a common goal. Sporting achievement, which in the end will give us capacity to promote our athletes. As the largest blocking recipes. Only a professional can raise the level of all of us. Nobody gives anything to anyone. What you do is create a dynamic where everyone wins! So our goal is to find a club that also want to work! As luck if it works, and I know there are clubs with capacity, together with us create a great project!

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