Projecto de Gestão Desportiva

The business world is a universal sector where only winning best. The best marketing policies are the turning point for the growth of their companies in the various countries of the world. Nowadays, and because the world economy is in an extremely worrying decline, the MAGIC SCOUT SOCCER ADVISER – PORTUGAL seeks through sport the disclosure of big brands at great prices through a phased investment between 4 to 8 years.

We work directly with some European football clubs including clubs from Finland, Holland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovenia. The main aim in addition to disclosing the companies involved is especially imposing clubs called the background among the grandees of Europe the picture of what happened to Malaga or Villarreal (Spain), Udinese or Sampdória (Italy), FC Basel (Switzerland), Beira-Mar (Portugal)...

We know that the European club competition (Champions League and Euro League) gives substantial profits to the clubs; it is on that basis that we seek investors to jointly work with the so-called second-tier clubs in European football. We have small samples that may be the image of the project.

These are some of the teams where you can invest a small capital, staged all of First League ... The aim is to dissolve all debts and through gate receipts, merchandising revenue, revenue from TV, awards, appearances in European competitions and sales of players get not only a Europe-wide dissemination of all the companies involved but also to liquidate the investment ...

The aim is to invest money to help the Club (s) to pay the debt (s). The investment will have their return after 4 to 8 years being possible a contract renegotiation with the team (s) in question. We intend to take in the short term the Club (s) at the European competitions to gradually liquidate investment and consolidating interest payments to investors. The interest rate will be 10 percent for every 1,000,000 Euros invested, i.e. will be 100,000 Euros to be paid in interest to the investor after finalizing the contract established as previously stipulated between 4 to 8 years.
Then will present an illustrative table of all revenue/expenditure involving investment projects in different clubs (only senior football level, with possibilities of reaching other modalities):

European Competitions

After presentation of the illustrative table of all revenue/expenditure involving a project of this scope, I stress that I am available to meet in my offices in Portugal with representatives of all the companies that are interested in partnering with MAGIC SCOUT, SOCCER ADVISER – PORTUGAL.

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